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For International orders, email ORDERS using form below which MUST BE FILLED OUT completely. Please read all terms and minimums for International orders there is a approx. NO less than a  $350.00 to $500.00 min. order required. Email orders to: or

By placing an order with us verbally or by email or in our showroom you are agreeing to ALL the following terms and conditions.
It is in fact your responsibility to read all info documented here before placing your order!!
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South Beach Gifts & Favors
NEW Showroom Location : Brick, New Jersey 08724
By appointment only. Attn: ORDERING DEPT.


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Please sign/type your name exactly as is appears on your credit card.( with any middle initial if any)


Order Terms & Conditions Contract

  By placing any order with us  by phone, email, or in our showroom, you are agreeing to ALL our terms and conditions.

Due to our high sale volume of favor products and demand for calligraphy they are all subject to availability.  Inquire at time of ordering.

An order cannot be placed until full payment is received.

Before you place an order Please read and/or sign ( if mailing us this agreement of acknowledgement then signature is required).

Prices are subject to change without notice.

We are not responsible for any typo errors.

Favor, Carousel Horses & Gift Items - On Carousel Horses since they need to be custom painted to order they must be paid in full at time of ordering to start the process. Since they are Hand Painted in the USA just for you in the color you picked. On Special Orders, Personalized Orders or Customized Orders Must be paid in full at time of ordering. Sand castle Orders Must be paid in Full at time of ordering since they are custom made to order in  the size & color you picked. Freight charges, handling and taxes must be included  & paid for before a shipment can go out. In some cases we may bill you separately for just the freight cost. So you will get one statement for the Favor/Carousel Horses/or Gift items and the next statement will be for the Freight Only. Taxes are collected only if you live in the State of New Jersey, 7% sales Sales Tax will be added to your order before shipping cost.Payments must be Paid in full before shipping. On "International orders" All items must be paid in full at time of ordering.

Calligraphy - Payment must be made in full before process begins since we allocate the time for your event (This will also expedite your order) plus shipping, handling and taxes. ANY Partial payment on calligraphy delays order when ready (10 business days or more.)

Sand Castles Orders. Upon arrival of the sand castles, since they are   real sand castles they  must air out when they arrive since they are tightly packed for shipping and may have a slight odor which will dimish once they are unpacked. (they are made will the purest particals of  real sand and resin composite which keeps it all together from coming apart and makes them durable and strong) Take the REAL sandcaslte out of the orginal packing it came in at least 1 to 2 days BEFORE your Event to air.

Bank checks must clear the bank before your order is processed or shipped. (This method delays orders 10 business days or more.) For invalid credit card denial there will be a $ 3.00 fee (for Funds denied when processing your credit card for insufficient funds). There is a $30.00 service charge on returned /bounced checks. 

Credit Cards: We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover only.

CHECKS ACCEPTED ONLY IF THEY ARE: Company Check ( only if you qualify) or Certified Bank check or Post Office money order Make out to "South Beach". send payment to: South Beach Billing Dept. Lake Road, Brick, New Jersey 08724 ATTN: Joanie Ferrara email us:

Shipping and handling fee is not included in item pricing.

Samples & orders below minimum:
SORRY>>>WE DO NOT SELL SAMPLES! ! We never send out SAMPLES. You must order the MINIMUM required  that is  stated on our Web site for the item number you are interested in.You can ask us to send you a better and larger photo so you can see the product better. Or you may purchase the min order required on the web site.  Sometimes we might?sell below the minimum order in just a FEW cases ONLY IF we have them in our retail store ..if that occurs, you will pay the regular retail price for that product which can be substantially more than the volume discounted price shown on the web site. Plus a below minimum fee and shipping . In addition we can charge you a handling fee and/or rush fee..   For orders that fall below minimum required, If we were to accept  an order below the minimum on a rare occurrence, a surcharge fee will be imposeed, per item, plus shipping and handling. call for more info (732)-714-1600

*Rush Orders: On some items to ship same day may have a rush FEE of $15.00 for same day or next day out within 24 hours! Please call 732-714-1600 to expedite your order. *Usually we do not charge a rush fee for same day out, It depends on the specific item(s) ordered.

Orders out of the United States, Minimum required for INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: We ship anywhere in the 50 domestic States for shipping outside the states: These are all considered "International Orders" for example: Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Guam, Canada. Along with any International  ORDERS that are Overseas. (these are ALL considered for  EXTRA Handling FEE is $30.00   which are out of the  50 United States).  All monies accepted  in US dollars or Credit Card  with a Visa Mastercard or Discover logo only. NO Gift cards, they are not accepted. ( ** Your bill to  address must match your shipping address).  We do NOT do  RUSH ORDERS for any shipments that are to be shipped out of the  United States which will be  for any International travel.. Please Note: It takes EXTRA 8 to 12 business  days to get out an order out  for International Travel. We must first check to see if your credit card is valid , your credit cardinfo we need is the  Full Proper Name on criedit card, the Bill to address, City, State and Zip codes and Country with bill to phone number on credit card account. ( all spelled out, no abbreviations) Credit Card  BILL to MUST MATCH your SHIP to address. Otherwise an order cannot be placed and will not ship. We do not do any price matching for any " International orders".  We have absolutely no control and not responsible for any delays of the air travel to your destination…so please order ahead. The customer will be repsonsible for all duties, taxes and ship cost of your items ordered.. You will be billed directly from the shipping carrier for freight charges.

There is a minimum order for International Orders out of the United States. $500.00 minimum order is required and we do not ship to all countries and we can use our own discretion if we can ship to your location or not. You must provide for us all detailed information of  the shipping address, your   bill to info and the shipping address must match the billing  address on your credit card. We only ship Federal Express, so be sure it is a carrier in you area. You will be responsible for ALL  freight charges along with any duties at your end. It is difficult for us to estimate your freight charges. We will provide you witht eh estimated weights fo teh package for you to look on line to see if it is cost effective for you to have  it shipped to your location. We do NOT ship to any DEPOTS or other Private freight  carriers.. We will not  know the amount of your shipping. We will take your package to the International Federal Express carrier and use your CREDIT card for the shipping payment. You will be billed directly by the carrier FEDEX with your charge card for the International freight and be billed from us South Beach Favors for the products ordered. We do not estimate shipping cost it will be billed directly from your charge card from the freight carrier Federal Express . We do not use any other carrier for International orders. It will be the actual freight cost with no additional fees from us ( the only  extra fee will be the International Handling FEE is $30.00 SEE above). * Your bill to address must match your ship to address on your credit card Please! Or we cannot ship your order. We will NOT take RUSH orders for International travel... we need to verify your charge card information first and shipping address..this will delay your shipment by 8 to 10 days or more before it ships out. ALL Credentials must be Verified and Valid. On "International orders" All items must be paid in full at time of ordering.

Checking Inventory: We check Inventory between 12-5pm Monday through Friday Eastern Standard Time. You may call to place your order 7 Days a week at (732)714-1600 New Jersey

Cancellations Or Refunds - All our orders are special orders placed personally for you.ALL orders must be paid in full at time of placing your order!  Therefore, once an order is processed, your full payment and/or deposit in non-refundable and you must accept the terms and conditions of your  order as a contract commitment when you placed an order with us  And we cannot honor any match pricing once your order was received and processed. For any refund you have the same business day when your order is placed before  payment   was received to cancel ONLY IF YOUR ORDER DID NOT  ALREADY GET PROCESSED, payment received  and /or SHIPPED , IF your order shipped ,you WILL NOT BE reimburse for any outgoing ship cost and you will not be reimburse for the shipment back to us.This will be non refundable.  This will be your  charges you will incur even if you cancel the order if the shipment was packed and sent,.You will not be able to get credited on your credit card  for any shipment that got sent out  and charges  for us to get it back. You will be only credit for the amount of the order minus any restock fee. To  cancel an order that is not a rush order it must be done within the same day of your order  before 2:30 pm EST the same day or before the order has gone out within 24 hours..  This does not apply to rush orders, calligraphy, immediate delivery, limited stock, discontinueed items; custom orders and orders whose ship date is less than 1 month away or has shipped out the same day.  For these items there is NO grace period for cancellations.   After your special order is placed and processed you may not change color, style, item# or deduct quantities ordered.If you want to add to the order it will be considered a NEW order and the NEW minimums will apply to the order.  On calligraphy rush orders to be completed less than one week a 40% fee can be imposed and must be prepaid in full before any order can be done.  On favor and gift rush orders for immediate delivery (less than 4 days) a special rush fee can be imposed with handling. Also see Refused or Returned shipments below.  No replacements on International orders.

Sorry, NO returns, NO refunds, NO exchanges, only in Showroom store credit given or on line products store credit given if possible.

Your items will be sent as soon as available. All in time for your special event.

  IN showroom store orders: We will notify you by phone or email that your merchandise has arrived and/or calligraphy completed!  Customer must then send (if it applies to you) balance in full with any extra shipping that is due, before items will be shipped to you.  Your promptness will expedite your shipment.

Favor ribbons and wrapping not included, unless noted in description.

Items will be shipped to you in the original protective box to arrive safely.  (We do not have control over box type to give your gift in or responsible for the packing of the box to ship it in.)

NOTE: TIPS: Protocol: You should order more than enough favor items to be sure you will have  plenty for the event ,especially if any are broken, or unexpected guests arrive.. Always order the amount of your guest list , Even if  all guests are NOT attending, it is customary to give a favor for guests who could not make it to your event!! That guest most likely will give you a token gift.

Receiving Your Shipment

**** Important ****

Please Check To Be Sure All Merchandise Has Arrived Safely

Damages or Replacements
Although we do pack each item carefully for shipping, some occasional damage is inevitable in transit. You must call us first within 2 -3 days to claim damages to SOUTH BEACH so we can determine if the carrier will be notified. You can call us at 732-714-1600 OR we will not be able to issue any credit or honor any damaged goods. It is your responsibility and your best interest to check your merchandise for shortages or defective products. If you do not check the merchandise because you are too busy then you forfeit the claim period time. In that case the carrier will be responsible, either UPS or Federal EXPRESS ( You  have paid for those items to be  INSURED ). You will call them ( UPS or FEDERAL EXPRESS) to claim your damages. We will only issue CREDIT IF WE ARE RESPONSIBLE for defected items. .. We are open 7 days to receive calls. We will then ask you to send BACK ONLY THE DAMAGED ITEMS for inspection. Credit will only be issued if ONLY WE ARE RESPONSIBLE  of the goods damaged. We must receive all items back that are damaged to get any credit can be issued back to you that apply .  Rarely but if at all possible, We do not send any replacements and IF we are able to send to you any replacements of  the item you ordered when you re-order the items; Remember the item may not be in stock, or may not be coming in until AFTER your event we have no control over this. So ONLY CREDIT WILL BE ISSUED!  If replacement are available you must allow enough time to receive the replacements 5 to 7 business days in our warehouse plus UPS regular ground service takes 5 to 7 business days or more depending on the area you live in,( a total of 10 to 15 days to get any replacements if possibly) (shipping time does not include weekends).  We cannot be responsible for any air charges necessary to get you the replacements or re-orders in time for your special affair. We will try our best to get it out as soon as humanly possible! Any up graded shipping charges in this case will be your responsibility. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please read below “RECEIVING YOUR SHIPMENT”.

All shipments sent via UPS or FED-EXPRESS insured only! All packages are sent Ground service, you may upgrade to 1, 2 or 3 day AIR service!!! WE DO NOT  give out any ESTIMATES  for ANY FREIGHT CHARGES. WE CANNOT GUARANTEE the delivery time... it is the carrier WHO guarantees the time of travel by the method you choose !!!We will know your shipping charges only AFTER YOUR ORDER has left the warehouse

Receiving Your Shipment: & FED EX

YOU must inspect all merchandise IMMEDIATELY within 2 days at time of receiving your shipment to declare any broken items   You must SAVE the DAMAGED GOODS in the original box or master carton that the order arrived in along with its packing material, and then call the CARRIER to inspect package(s).  The CARRIER is RESPONSIBLE for money reimbursement on damaged goods.( this is why your shipment is sent insured and you pay for this service!)  In addition, you must notify SOUTH BEACH about all damages.  Any claim must be made to us within 2 days of receiving the merchandise!!  NO CLAIMS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER 2  BUSINESS DAYS!!!!!!  NO adjustments will be honored unless this procedure is followedNO damaged items may be returned without prior authorization. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO INSPECT all items RECEIVED FOR DAMAGES, DEFECTIVE and/OR SHORTAGES..  DO NOT WAIT TILL YOUR EVENT TO INSPECT ALL ITEMS... IT WILL  BE  TO LATE THEN TO CLAIM ANY DAMAGES, DEFECTIVE AND/OR SHORTAGES and we will not be responsible for your tardy delay or reasons for YOU not inspecting your package(s)  Therefore you will be credited or reimburseed ONLY if indeed we are responsible and ONLY IF you notified us within 2 DAYS upon receiving your shipment!!! Otherwise you will have to contact UPS or FEDERAL EXPRESS to be credited by them.after the 2 days of receiving GOODS.  In order to receive any reimbursement by South Beach  WITHIN the 2 days of calling it in...all items in question must be returned in is original packaging within 5 business days with prior authorization only and with proper address for returns. PLEASE DO NOT return any goods to our STORE or SHOWROOM!! call (732) 714-1600.  Note:  By waiting past the 2 days..You may not be able to re-order the item that you need, it may not be in stock, or you may fall below the minimum required to re order this item again. and you must purchase the item again.You cannot call in damages after your event is over. Credit will only be issued, if replacements are not available and damaged items are returned to us.

Make sure you order enough “EXTRAS”!!!!!!!!
When you place an order with us and call in about our product availability.   YOU SHOULD ALWAYS ORDER MORE THAN WHAT YOU NEED! ( for your peace of mind also, so you can relax on your special wedding day or affair, knowing you have enough!) We will guarantee, that at the time you ordered the items that they are in stock and available that DAY!  If you wait to order at another time, you will have to meet the minimum required again, and you will not get that discounted volume pricing that you  did receive when you ordered them the first time, Also the product may be out of stock,   or limited quantities left, sold out, discontinued or dye lot change (the item may not be in the same color, finish or metal, which we can not be responsible for). Therefore we will not be responsible if your items fall short of quantities needed  for your event , due to you did not order   enough . We also are not be responsible due to any damages you received in your shipment,  if we do not have any replacements available to send you ,then only  credit will only be issued (and any replacements get sent ground shipping only).

Refused or Returned shipments:  IMPORTANT PLEASE READ:
Any shipments REFUSED or RETURNED for any reason at all will not be accepted. Prior authorization is needed if we do accept returned goods. Any item RETURNED or REFUSED is subjected to a RE-STOCK FEE! Even if you order another item in place of the one you decided you did not like. We also must inspect all goods returned BEFORE we can issue credit back to you MINUS the restock fee.You cannot return any items for example: you over ordered quantity needed, you sent it back after your date of your event with the leftovers you did not need, postponeed or cancelled dates, you decided “you did not like what you picked out”,  you didn’t like the color, Your daughter did not like what you picked, You thought it was  bigger or smaller, Sample quantity you ordered, you did not like what you picked out, It didn’t match your color scheme, It doesn’t look as expensive as you thought, Your mother in law didn’t like it. It wasn’t quite what you were looking for, You changed your mind, don’t need them any more, You ordered the minimum amount to see if you like it as a sample but you did not like it.cancelled event or party, you did not notify South Beach Gifts and Favors that you were returning the goods. You will be assessed no less than 29 % to a 45% RE-STOCK FEE of your total order and forfeit your deposit or any money paid, NO EXCEPTIONS! It will be deducted from the amount due to us. In addition you will pay all freight charges out and back. You will receive a company check for the refund of the difference ONCE ALL GOODS have been received back to us and NOT damaged in any way and must be in its original packing and box un tampered unopened.(we will inspect all items being returned) .

WE OFFER FREE CONSULTATION: Which NO other Competitors Web site offers! We can give you free consultation over the phone or in person when you visit our showroom by appointment only or when you place an order with us! We have over  20 years experience in the PARTY FAVOR  business and PARTY PLANNING. We can help you at no charge to  get ideas on how to decorate your table or centerpieces for your special Affair with our unique themed party favors and centerpieces for every occasion! We can assist you on what  items will coordinate best with your theme  and party and we  will help you  match up  all the items to go with your concept and theme of your event. From the products we carry: favors, placecard holders, table number holders, candles,  practical gift favors, trinket boxes, Table decor, accessories   for your event and centerpieces and lots more to make your event a memorable one for you & your guests!! This service is free of charge to our customers only, who are ordering with us, normally it is $ 50.00 per hour for consultation service otherwise.

*** We will try to MATCH or  BEAT ANY PRICE  If at all possible!! The matching of the price must be done prior to your order!! ( Sorry..we do not price match for anyone out of the United States . We do not price match on any International orders. Once your order is processed WE WILL NOT BE ABLE and we WILL NOT discount it any further . The deal is complete once you placed the order. NOTE IMPORTANT!! The competitors site the product that you will like us to beat or match . The Product must be in stock on competitors site, it must be the  SAME EXACT item/product of the competitors MUST BE IN STOCK for us to MATCH OR BEAT that PRICE !!! IF the COMPETITORS item IS NOT IN STOCK... WE WILL NOT MATCH OR BEAT THE PRICE.. since you cannot get it from them anyway therefore we will not honor the price matching. Due to the fact you cannot get it from them since it is not available. If you find a lower price AFTER your order is processed..  Sorry but we WILL NOT be able to give any additional discounts, and will not be be sure you do your homework before you place your order for Price matching. IF YOU DECIDE TO CANCEL YOUR ORDER  because you then later found a discounted price will be subjected to fees for cancellation. If  your order is being shipped or has shipped   to you already, you will be responsible for any shipment cost  to your destination and back..which is NOT refundable and once you received your shipment if you were to be return it,or refuse it you will be subjected to a restock fee and the freight back to us. For Items to be MATCH priced The Item must BE EXACTLY the same in size, color , shape , quality, & of course exact packaging.  SORRY...Similar products do not apply on Price matching!! They cannot just look like the same  item.. they must be the same item.. if  the product  just has the same type ( of look or theme of the favor we carry ) then We will NOT price match the product. For example: if we have it in a clear PVC box and yours is in a cellophane package that  means it is NOT the Same product. Compare oranges with oranges not oranges with seedless oranges..they must be the Exact same items in number and design shape and packaging ..No exceptions will apply!!! We have the right to deny any price matchingat any time.  We do not match any price on any  " ebay " product or Amazon products etc.. or close outs on discontinued items that competitors have and we carry also. We also may not have the product in stock , so therefore the product cannot be matched for the same price and sorry no rain checks. The item must be in stock for immediately delivery... you must also prove that the items are in stock on another web site ( customer must provide proof of link to competitiors site)and available for immediate shipment  and not OUT OF STOCK on  SOLD OUT  or Discontinued, then we are not obligated to match or beat that price since they do not have it in stock. In order for you to get a better pricing on OUR web site  Please send us the actual LINK to the page were the product can be seen. No exceptions!. Sorry price matching does not apply for any orders out of the United States of America !! We have the right to deny any price matching at our discretion. We also DO NOT have to Beat or Price Match if the order must go out within 24 hours.. if we decide to take the RUSH ORDER we then have the right to charge you a RUSH FEE of $15.00  to $20.00 for any orders to go out within 24 hours. ( SEE ABOVE RUSH ORDERS). Shipping is not ever included in the Price matching. Any further questions please call us at 732-714-1600  South Beach  located in New Jersey. SPECIAL NOTE-We are facing an increase on EVERY new shipment we get in every month ! Our prices may be higher due to the new price increase we face with our NEW arrivals of inventory as they come in we may not always be able to match or beat any price at this time with our competitors, because they probably have had stock left over at the cheaper imported price, that they may have gotten in months before. Due to our large amount of sales we face an increase almost every 30 to 60 days as new inventory arrives into our warehouse daily, and we carry the largest selection than any of our competitors..over 4,000 products!!

CAROUSEL HORSES: . Carousel Horses must be paid in full the day the order is placed and BEFORE the order is shipped. Since they are all custom painted to order. No changes can be made to the order once the process is started and NO other price matching will be deducted or applied, once an order is placed that day. If  for any reason you are not satified  due to your own personal reasons with our Excellent quality of our Best selling carousel Horses and you refuse or return it.. You will be responsible for the shipping cost to you and back to our warehouse. Sorry but this amount   will not be refunded to you. Shipping Carousel Horses on International orders: shipping is not included in the price of the horse. International customers will pay for the FULL actual total cost of the  shipping to them and no credits will be applied towards the shipping , from the total  price of the horse from us..(No ***Price matching on International orders).

Items will be shipped to you in the original protective box to arrive safely. (We do not have control over box type to give your gift in or UPC codes that might be on the box..) Most items do come individually boxed. Items ordered in multiples do not have an individual box ( for example place card holders). Ask at time of ordering.


BY JUST  placing an  Verbal or email order with us you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and you may also in addition to  sign below if you are sending this in by mail to us, SIGNING/TYPING BELOW  That you HAVE READ CAREFULLY AND RECHECKED PURCHASING AND ORDER INFORMATION AND FIND IT CORRECT. ( It is in fact your responsibility to read all info documented here before placing your order!!

                                                                     person responsible for placing the order.
(Full Signature & Date)( On line ordering  or phone orders this is not required By placing an order with us YOU ARE AGREEING TO ALL THE ORDER TERMS & CONDITIONS IN THIS CONTRACT if you order in person, by email or by phone . Your order is your confirmation that you read this agreement  prior to placing an order with us.

  By placing any order with us, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. For further info go back to web site,

Thank You!

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